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Founded in the Mountains of Western North Carolina, Middle Cross began as a pair of Father and Sons who had a desire on their heart to sing and play for the Glory of God.

Stephen Briggs and Phillip Fox, along with their sons Mayson Briggs and Garrett Fox all were members on the same church in Marshall, NC.  In 2012, all of them being talented musicians, singers, and songwriters, chose to take their talents God blessed them with to spread Gospel music throughout the Mountains at many Churches, Singings, and Revivals.

In 2015, Robbie Edwards, a local of Candler, NC joined the group as the Lead Guitar player, and also leads and harmonizes in many of the songs.  Robbie comes from a family of singers and musicians along with being around Gospel Music all of his life.

In late 2020. Chase Bennett, another local from Candler, being in Church playing and singing, joined in with Middle Cross being an avid Banjo player, along with the Dobro and many other instruments.  He joined and has added even more God-given talent to the group for the Glory of the Lord.

Most of the songs sang and recorded were written by Stephen Briggs.  Also a guitar player, the Lord has blessed him with many songs.  That is his testimony and prayer to be used by God.  With Stephen's lyrics, the other members of the group help come up with the melodies and the music for each of the songs that Middle Cross sing.  Mayson and Garrett both have also written songs that the group sings.  God has really blessed this group as each member can play instruments and also sing with wonderful harmony that is usually only hear within family groups.

Our prayer is to be a blessing in music and in song to each and every person we come in contact with.  We want Jesus' name to be lifted up and praised and for everyone to see God first and foremost before us.  We want to thank God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for saving our souls, for giving us the talents we have to be able to let His light shine through us to a lost and dying world.

"For the Glory of Jesus!"

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To book Middle Cross, contact Phillip Fox at:

(828) 206-3905

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